Spread More Love With Scratch Plus Plan®

Are you a pet lover yearning to find that special someone who shares your passion for all things furry and feathered? Look no further than the Scratch Plus Plan, designed exclusively for pet enthusiasts like you! With a range of exceptional features and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, the Scratch Plus Plan is here to take your pet-loving dating experience to new heights.

Why choose the Scratch Plus Plan®?

  1. Pet-Focused Matching Algorithm: At Scratch, we understand that your pets hold a special place in your heart. Our unique pet-focused matching algorithm considers not just your preferences but also your pet’s preferences, ensuring that you and your potential partner’s pets are compatible too.

  2. Expanded Search Options: Finding someone who truly appreciates your pet’s quirks and shares your values is essential. With the Scratch Plus Plan, you gain access to expanded search options that let you filter potential matches based on pet types, breeds, interests, and more.

  3. Virtual Pet Playdates: Connect with other pet lovers and their adorable companions through exclusive virtual pet playdates. Share delightful moments with fellow pet enthusiasts, engage in fun activities, and discover new friendships with ease.

  4. Unlimited Messaging and Chatting: Forge deep connections with unlimited messaging and chatting. Share heartwarming pet stories, exchange pet care tips, and nurture meaningful relationships with others who hold pets dear to their hearts.

  5. Comprehensive Pet Care Resources: Your pet’s well-being matters to us. With the Scratch Plus Plan, you gain access to a wealth of pet care resources, expert advice, and guides to ensure your furry friends live their happiest, healthiest lives.

  6. Verified Pet Profiles: Trust and authenticity are paramount. The Scratch Plus Plan incorporates a rigorous verification process to ensure all pet profiles are genuine, providing a safe environment to connect with other pet lovers.

  7. Display the Plus Badge: Proudly exhibit your passion for pets with the exclusive Plus Badge on your profile. This badge signifies your commitment to fostering loving relationships with pets and fellow pet enthusiasts.

How to Get Started with the Scratch Plus Plan?

Joining the Scratch Plus Plan is simple and sets you on a path to delightful pet-loving connections. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Upgrade Your Account: Already a member of the Scratch community? Upgrading to the Plus Plan is a breeze. Navigate to your account settings and select the Plus Plan subscription to unlock all the exclusive features.

  2. New to Scratch? Sign Up Now: If you’re new to Scratch, welcome to a world of pet-loving connections! Download the Scratch app, create your profile, and choose the Plus Plan subscription to embark on an exciting journey of pet-inspired connections.

Experience Extraordinary Pet-Lover Connections!

With the Scratch Plus Plan, you open the door to meet individuals who share your unwavering love for pets. Whether you seek a partner for life, a pet playdate, or simply a friend who cherishes animals, Scratch is here to help you forge lasting connections, one adorable paw at a time.

Subscribe to the Scratch Plus Plan today and elevate your pet-lover dating adventure to new heights! Let the journey to finding love and friendship in the pet-loving world begin!