Spread More Love With Scratch Gold Plan®

Are you a pet lover looking for a meaningful relationship with someone who shares your passion for furry companions? Look no further than the Scratch Gold Plan®, the ultimate dating experience created exclusively for pet enthusiasts like you! With our innovative features and community of like-minded individuals, the Scratch Gold Plan® promises to spread more love and happiness among pet lovers around the world.

Why choose the Scratch Gold Plan®?

Pet-Focused Matching Algorithm: At Scratch, we understand that your pets are an essential part of your life. Our advanced matching algorithm takes into account not only your preferences but your pet’s preferences as well, ensuring that you and your potential companion’s furry friend are a perfect match as well.

Extended Search Filters: Finding a compatible partner who appreciates your pet’s quirks and shares your values can be a daunting task. But with the Scratch Gold Plan®, you gain access to expanded search filters that enable you to pinpoint potential matches based on pet type, breed, and even pet-related specific interests.

Exclusive Access to Pet-Focused Events: Scratch Gold Plan® members receive VIP invitations to pet-focused events, from dog play dates to cat cafes and everything in between. These events provide an excellent opportunity to meet other pet lovers in person, creating unforgettable memories for you and your pet.

Unlimited Messaging & Chatting: Build deeper connections with other pet lovers through unlimited messaging and chatting. Share stories about your furry friends, exchange tips and advice, and, who knows, even plan future pet-friendly adventures together!

Pet Safety Resources: We understand that your pet’s safety is a top priority. With the Scratch Gold Plan®, you get access to pet safety resources, expert tips and guides to ensure your furry companion is always in good hands.

Verified Pet Profiles: Worried about finding fake pet profiles? Rest assured, the Scratch Gold Plan® includes a verification process to ensure that all pet profiles are legitimate, giving you peace of mind when connecting with other pet owners.

Scratch Gold Badge: Stand out in the community with the coveted Scratch Gold badge on your profile. This badge not only shows your commitment to pets, it also increases your visibility, which leads to more meaningful relationships.

How to Join Scratch's Gold Plan®?

Joining the Scratch Gold Plan® is simple and takes your pet-lover dating experience to the next level. Here’s how to get started:

Upgrade your account: If you’re already a Scratch user, upgrading to the Gold plan is as easy as a few clicks. Go to your Account Settings and select the Gold Plan Membership to unlock all the exclusive features.

New to Scratch? Sign Up Today: If you’re new to Scratch, welcome to the world of pet-lover connections! Download the Scratch app, create your profile and choose a Gold Plan membership to begin your journey to find love with fellow pet lovers.

Spread more love today!

With the Scratch Gold Plan®, you have a unique opportunity to connect with individuals who understand and enjoy the joy of having pets in their lives. Whether you’re looking for a soul mate, a new friend for your pet, or someone to join you on your pet-friendly adventures, Scratch can help you build lasting relationships. can help. Help is here, one tail wag or little grunt at a time.

Join the Scratch Gold Plan® today and spread more love to pet lovers around the world! Begin your journey to find love and friendship!